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This is one of my BFF Bex’s daughter S and my J. Her mom and I met in college. We dated best friends. We broke up. We lived together in a cute apartment in a sketchy neighborhood in Salem after we graduated. We hung out at a local bar and drank cheep beer often. One night two cute guys that we had never seen before came in. We flirted with them. We dated them. And eventually, we married them. Now Bex lives around the corner from me. Bet ween the two of us

we have seven kids.

I love this picture for so many reasons. I love the light. I love S’s serious face and how peaceful J looks. Most of all, I love the history and future that it represents. I think I can speak for Bex when I say that when we met fifteen years ago, we couldn’t have guessed where life was going to take us or how good it was going to be.


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