Waiting | Natick MA Maternity Photographer

I think most women who have more than one child would agree that each pregnancy is filled with wonder, excitement and joy. But nothing compares to how you feel the first time, when it’s all so new and you’re anxiously waiting for the baby who has already captured your heart and dreams to fill your arms as well. This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Jess and David for a maternity session in their home. They’re expecting their first child in just five weeks. Jess looks amazing. Really amazing. She has that glow that you hear about (but that I don’t think I ever actually experienced :)). Her husband David reminded me of a little boy waiting to open birthday presents. There’s a twinkle in his eye and his smile was so heartfelt. They’re a wonderful couple and I can’t wait to see them again for their newborn session.

I don’t usually get anything posted this soon after a session, but Jess had to go to work after I left and I could tell that she would have much rather stayed at home. So here’s one for you Jess! I love how the two of you are looking at each other. Thanks for sharing this happy time with me.

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