Manicure BLISS

I’m almost embarrassed to post this because I just realized that Grace is wearing the same dress as yesterday.  I swear that she didn’t sleep in it and that I actually washed it.  When we got dressed after lunch today, it was on the top of the laundry pile and she said she wanted to wear it.  I did remember that she’d just worn it but it FELT like at least two days ago.

It was freezing cold today and Josh is sick. We stayed inside and did our best to stay busy but by 3:00, I was out of ideas and patience.  When Grace asked if she could paint her own nails, I quickly agreed.  Then she asked if she could paint mine.  Aren’t they pretty? And bumpy?  (Please excuse the awful picture of my hand.  My 50mm was on my camera and I was too lazy to go get something wider.)

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