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I will never forget the day that my sister Michelle caught me outside of the high school cafeteria wearing her shoes and demanded that I take them off and give them back to her. I smile when I think about how I used to fall asleep while she was talking to me at night and wake up an hour later to the sound of her still talking. I’ll never forget how beautifully she sang at my wedding or that she accidentally changed a few words to the song and made everyone laugh. I’ll always remember how she’d beat on her chest and turn into wild woman when she was mad at me. I can close my eyes and picture the two of us giggling and jumping on our beds in Wonder Woman underoos and roller skating up and down the side walk in front of our house. I laugh when I think about how important sitting in the front seat was to her when we were little; she’d call it days before long trips and often went and sat in the car hours before we were ready to leave. She went through an alternative stage in high school and dyed her hair blue which was very ironic to me considering how mad she was when I accidentally dyed her hair pink when she was in fifth grade. I can’t drink ginger ale without hearing her singing “I’m making my move, to Canada Dry” (she sang that commercial constantly in 1988). She has an amazing voice and I have always been a little envious of it. She was my maid of honor and I was hers. We’re very different in so may ways, but I love her dearly and she is my best, always and forever friend. This summer, I got to photograph the home birth of her baby girl, Gretchen. I don’t have words to describe how amazing it was to be there but I can tell you, that I’ve tucked it away in my heart and mind and will never, ever, forget it. Congratulations, Michelle, Gil, Caeden and Levi and welcome to the family, Gretchen!

You are one very special, very loved and very lucky little girl. <3

Samantha - Amazing Sarah!! I got teary eyed while I was ready and I literally laughed out loud at the picture of your neice bending over to see the baby come out! What special moments you captured for your sister, I’m sure she’ll cherish these forever.

Ashley Spaulding - Such a special and beautiful post, Sarah! Your words and images all brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy that you were able to be there to capture such amazing moments…you did so beautifully.

elaina - So gorgeous, I totally cried…and I had the same midwife as your sister! Shivani Lash!!! Thank you for sharing!

Amy Lucy - What an incredibly amazing time you captured. Your sister and her family will cherish these. Congratulations!

kendra - Amazingly beautiful, Sarah! I love every moment that you captured <3

Jen Cooke - Wow, I have never seen anything like that. So incredible! I love the one where the little girl is sitting on the toilet trying to take a peek. lol Beautiful job documenting such a special time Sarah!!

Lacey - I knew I’d be a puddle of tears after looking at these! You did such a wonderful job photographing this beautiful experience and because it was for your sister just makes it even more amazing. I LOVE the capture of your niece looking ‘up’ to see her baby sister just about to come out! I’m sure they will cherish these forever. :)

Jenny - what and amazing experience, so great you were able to capture it for your sister. Love ALL the images!

Holly Ann - These are beautiful. They one of your niece looking up under her mom is great! lol I’m sure your sister will be thrilled with how these came out.

Jenny Cruger - such a gorgeous experience and images! Your sister is so lucky to have these!!!

April Nienhuis - I’m all teary and sniffly now after looking at these :) Such beautiful images to cherish forever.

Megan Moore - Awesome job, Sarah, what an honor to be a part of that! I’m sure your sister will totally love these, and be something she can always treasure.

Monica Wilkinson - What an incredible experience to be a part of. I love the beautiful, but raw emotion. Congrats to your sister and her family and to you…a new Auntie!!

lisa harrison - She is so brave. The raw emotion you captured here is amazing. The black and white family photo makes me teary. Nice work, both of you :)

SHARON BEAURIVAGE CAMPBELL - Sarah…You captured the intensity and joy of home birthing in a way that only you can. Amazing!…thank you Sarah and Michele for inviting all of us to witness this intimate, blessed event… a flood of different emotions came over me as I looked at each picture.. I love the way you captured Kaden’s expressions and actions, exp when she was bending over to see if her baby sister was crowning!LOL!…love you guys

Holly Thompson - Sarah, tears are in my eyes! Your sister is BEAUTIFUL and I can actually feel the love in these photos. Welcome to world, sweet Gretchen!!! And sweetie, I love these in color. Great job, seriously! <3

Leah Cook - oh Sarah, your words are amazing…I love how you remember your sister. that is beyond special. she must feel so blessed to have these memories in pictures. what a beautiful birth…congratulations to them!!

Jenn Jones - I got teary eyed when scrolling through the beautiful images, Sarah, but when I went back up to read your words, I turned into a mess. So very special. Congratulations to your family!

Kathryn Page - I just love these and the beautiful emotion you’ve captured. Just stunning.<3 Welcome to the world, Gretchen!

kelly garvey - how moving! powerful images..

Megan Cieloha - Your sister is blessed to have you, Sarah <3 Beautiful images of a beautiful family.

Kerry joyce - Sarah how flipping awesome! I love how everyone was there to witness the beutiful event…Michelle makes it look so easy! ( dont tell my sister please that you were there) lol

Deirdre - What gorgeous photos of a gorgeous time in a woman’s life! I had a natural birth using hypno birthing. I wasn’t allowed to be at home but it was still an enriching time!

BerkshireMom - You also captured the very important, empowering experience of your niece. Never will she fear birth, or question what her amazing body can do. She will forever know her mom as a woman in charge of herself, and what a role-model that is1 She will always see her dad as a partner parent – not the back-up parent. She is stronger in her connection with her entire family.

Jess Cadena - This is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful sister you are to capture such a pure sweet moment?

Keri Bryant - Oh my gosh these are precious. So glad I found these from your post on Clickin MOms. Love the sweet words about your sister and the photos are priceless…especially sister upside down peeking into the action. :) Well done.

Amanda - Such a beautifully emotional post. Sisters are such an awesome thing to have – I am blessed with two.

Mikki - Just started browsing around your blog and came across this post. I’m all teary eyed! What beautiful and pure moments you captured. So powerful.

Brandy NicCole - beautiful session…..what a very pure moment for your sister’s family. Just amazing!

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