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Being Four | Peabody MA Photographer

I know that this isn’t a traditional family portrait but as the mother of boys who are growing up fast, it makes my heart sing and my eyes fill with tears.  This is what it’s all about.  Spontaneous laughter, love and lots of fun.  The day will come when they’ll sit in front of the camera and smile and you’ll love that picture,  but a part of you will miss when “come sit with us” was an open invitation to climb you like a tree.

Peabody MA Photographer


Magic. It’s all Magic. | North Shore MA Photographer

Sometimes the stars align and the newborn looks right at you and smiles while his two year old sister hugs him tenderly and looks sweetly into the camera.

Sometimes big sister just does somersaults and pretends her little brother isn’t even there.

North Shore MA Lifestyle Photographer

Either way.  It’s pure magic and I love it all.


Colin | Wakefield MA Baby Photographer

Why do they get big so fast?! I feel like we just finished up his newborn session and he’s already back for six month pictures!

Wakefield MA Baby Photographer