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The two or three of you who actually see this probably aren’t overly impressed with my late night, under the influence of a few (or five) glasses of wine, flash photography skills. I actually had some really cute, technically much better photos of my kids this week but chose to use this for a few reasons. You may remember from this post that I made three resolutions for 2010; exercise three times a week (I’m going to start this one in March), be more intentional about spending time with friends and to shoot more for me.

This photo proves that I’m doing two and three.

Jay and Kathy are two of our best friends and favorite people in the world. Brad has known Jay since college. He was our best man (and gave the best toast I’ve ever heard) when we got married in 2002. I didn’t really know Kathy all that well back then, but today I feel like she’s always been my friend. On Valentine’s Day they called us around 4:30 to see if we wanted to meet at the gym to let the kids run around (I know, so romantic). We didn’t make it to the gym but they came over for dinner that night and I snapped this picture while our boys played Star Wars Wii and our girls watched Snow White. I’m so thankful to have people in my life that I can invite over on a moments notice and not have to clean, cook something fancy or take off my dayjamas for.

The second reason I chose it is that Kathy has already thanked me for not sharing any on Facebook and I’m rotten like that.


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