Whoohoo! | North Shore senior photographer

Esther and I have been planning this session for about a year and had so much fun finally getting to do it. There were gale force winds and the sky was more than a little ominous looking when we arrived at Lynch Park. If anyone else had been out that day, I’m sure that we would have gotten more than a few looks as Esther walked through the park in full regalia.

The grass was wet, I got soaked and may or may not have had an incident involving dog poop….and we got this shot, which says it all so much better than I can.

From her graduation announcement.


Congratulations Esther! I’m so happy that you are finally done and look forward to seeing what you fill your days with now that you have mastered Hebrew and Greek, snuck wine into the maternity ward for your favorite photographer and said a Protestant blessing as you watched her son endure the “circumstraint”. You’re the best chaplain that I’ve ever met.

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