Keeping it real BLISS

Today I took a bunch of cute pictures of Josh hanging out in our living room.  I tried to be creative and shoot from angles that would hide the mess but quickly realized you can’t hide a mess like this unless you fill the entire frame with your kid’s head.  My living room is usually the clean room in my house and since I’m being real, I’ll tell you that even looking like this, it’s the cleanest room in my house right now.  So you don’t miss anything, let me give you a little tour.

1.  Yes, our fake tree is still up and my Carolers are on the mantle.

2.  That’s a box of ornaments, resting on top of our stockings and tree skirt.

3.  I had a newborn session last week and have been too lazy to carry my baskets and bean bag down to the basement.  If you look to the right, next to the ottoman that is not where it belongs because the tree is still up, you can see my Boppy lounger and banana leaf bowl.  Next to that is a yellow punching balloon.

4.  I don’t put the vacuum cleaner away anymore.  Josh loves to play with it and honestly, this time of year with boots and snow pants and all the other things that winter requires, my hall closet it packed and it’s just too hard.

5.  My leather laundry room.  It’s where all the laundry magic happens.

6.  This end table belongs on the other end of the couch, where the Christmas tree is.  Please take note of the mini Christmas tree, what I think may be a red gobstopper, water bottle, clean dish towel and snow globe wearing a purple diaper cover.

7.  The lovely water stain that we woke up to on Monday morning.  I hate ice damns.  I hate winter.  I hate being stuck in my house for days on end with a sixteen month old baby.

Someday I know I’m going to miss this.  Keeping it real Bliss.

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