Still snowing BLISS

We got at least another 10″ of snow today and there’s another foot on the way tomorrow.  School has already been cancelled for the 5th time in three weeks and quite frankly, I’m ready to move to a tropical island and live in a hut and eat coconuts for the rest of my life.  My kids on the other hand, love this.  I took this tonight at almost 5:30.  It was dark outside but they were having so much fun and didn’t want to come in.  The snow banks at the end of our driveway are big enough to slide down.  Grace can’t walk in the front yard b/c the snow comes up over her hips.  It’s freezing cold, but they don’t seem to feel it.  They can’t wait for another foot to fall and I’m trying to share their joy.

Still snowing Bliss.

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