Birthday BLISS

We’ve known each other since we were three but it wasn’t until seventh grade that we became the bestest of friends. I wore “Be Fri” she wore “st nds”. We once slept on the common in Washington DC in the rain. We wore acid washed jean jackets and fell in love with a bunch of surfer boys in RI when we were 14. She once spent two hours crimping my hair. I borrowed her white lipstick and pink Reebok high tops. We once convinced her mom to buy us expensive jean purses in exchange for a really lousy car wash. We watched Ann of Green Gables together no less than 100 times and dreamed of having a boy like Gilbert Blythe be absolutely smitten with us. Our freshman year of high school she moved to Virginia Beach. We wrote each other long letters, every single day and I suspect that we had a hand in the USPS lasting through the late 80’s and early 90’s. I went to her prom with a cute blonde haired, blue eyed boy named Curtis. We went to the same college for a year. We grew apart. We grew together. I’m photographing her wedding next summer. I don’t see her as often as I’d like or talk to her enough but I know that no matter how much time has gone by, when we’re together it’s like not time has passed and that every year on my birthday, there will be a card from Jenn in my mail box.

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