On Camera Flash Workshop

Many people have asked when my On Camera Flash Workshop will be offered again. I don’t have an exact date but I promise you will see it again in the near future! If you can’t or don’t want to wait, I do offer on line mentoring. If you’re local to me, we can get together. Please email me if you have any questions or want to schedule something (sarah@sarahphillipsphoto.com).

What people are saying:

“It wasn’t until very recently in my photography journey that I decided I needed to take my knowledge of flash to the next level. I had heard through various online forums and mentoring groups that Sarah was to the go-to flash guru, so I contacted her about an in-person mentoring session. Sarah was very informative without being overwhelming and taught me so many “tricks and tips” in a short amount of time. Since we were working within the confines of an actual shoot I was booked for, Sarah had to adjust her “typical” materials to the situation. She let me take the lead with my client, while standing by to offer suggestions and reminding of what we had discussed. It was a very hands-on experience and I was able to see the results of her teachings right there on the back of my camera. Like everything, it will take some practice for these techniques to become second-nature to me, but Sarah was able to give me a great foundation for introducing a hint of supplemental light into my photography when necessary, while also making me feel comfortable and have fun!” – Rebekah

“Being a natural light photographer I have always had a preference to shoot without flash. It wasn’t until recently that I was introduced to the use of flash with a natural look! Sarah showed me a way of using flash that doesn’t look ‘flashy’ or more importantly in a way that doesn’t take away from my subjects. Being a visual learner it was very difficult for me to learn by reading online or just picking up a book. Having Sarah right next to me showing me the immediate results of what we were discussing made all the difference in the world. Her humor, knowledge and personality made this otherwise intimidating experience so amazing and has shifted my mindset completely. Now that I understand how to correctly use this tool, it has opened up so many doors and expanded my creativity. If you are debating how to learn flash and you want material that will actually teach you with a teacher who is accessible, this is for you! She will without a doubt shift your vision. This investment was one of the best ones I’ve made for my business and my photography. I am so grateful for this opportunity – If you have any question about learning flash Sarah is your girl — You will not be disappointed!” – Keri

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