Never Forget | North Shore MA Photographer

This summer I photographed a family vacationing on the North Shore. They brought a huge #American #flag with them and told me they wanted to incorporate it into the session. I hesitated…is that ok? Is it disrespectful? It’s huge! It will definitely touch the ground…Then she told me that 14 years ago her cousin had been on one of the planes that flew out of Boston and into the World Trade Center. This was the flag from his casket. My hesitancy instantly vanished. Of course we’ll use it.

We took pictures on the beach and later, as the sun set, in front of the Boston skyline with their flag. A flag that represents “liberty and justice for all” and a nation that isn’t perfect, but is none the less, the only place in the world I want to call home. A flag that represents the loss of someone very loved and missed but also the life, freedom and hope for the future that the terrorists couldn’t take away.

Never Forget

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