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Smiles | Beverly MA Photographer

Sometimes photographing three young children is a lot of work and sometimes it’s so easy that it doesn’t feel like work at all. These three brought their A game.  They were so excited to have their pictures taken and their smiles….they were infectious. 

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Fall Sessions | North Shore MA Photographer

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Being Four | Peabody MA Photographer

I know that this isn’t a traditional family portrait but as the mother of boys who are growing up fast, it makes my heart sing and my eyes fill with tears.  This is what it’s all about.  Spontaneous laughter, love and lots of fun.  The day will come when they’ll sit in front of the […]

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All Mine | North Shore MA Photographer

People always assume that I have the most beautiful pictures of my children. And I do. I have a lot of really beautiful pictures of them, but I also have a lot like this. Clearly, I excel at photographing my own children. And here’s what happens when I tell them our session is over. The […]

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